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ED Viagra Espana

ED Viagra Espana

Older men who have less frequent sex and who are happy with results taking Viagra should surely continue Viagra. Some men who are not satisfied with results to Cialis can find that Viagra is more preferable for them. Generally, these three drugs can be suitable and the patients should talk to their doctors about determining the drug that suits better for them and their personal life. 3 drugs now and others in diverse clinical trial stages has not only enlarged the options of treatment for ed, but in many ways has caused new mess among patients and doctors. It is accompanied by vacuum therapy and other medications and it is not hard to understand why patients and potential patients have questions. Comprar Viagra

Starting treatment, these oral drugs are a first line of medical treatment. In certain circumstances in which the males are young, sound, lab blood tests and such are in norm one should look for the physical reason for their ed before drugs prescription as disease development may be graver than the symptoms, and so on, the erectile disfunction itself. In some situations treatment of the primary disease may in fact eliminate the sexual dysfunction. However, ed has other reasons among men as written in their laboratory tests and health history, that makes PDE-5 inhibitors a first alternative line. Selecting the appropriate drug can be ennormously difficult to do with no right data on every drug and a thorough talk about the patient's sexual life and his partner. Comprar Viagra online

We offer to talk about these three drugs cons and pros and the intimate conditions that may indicate the purpose of one drug over others. Viagra was the first and is probably the most famous of the three PDE-5 inhibitors used to treat erectile dysfunction. More that ten years had been spent on tests before getting available to the Americans. It has positive results in approximately 70% of all men with all types of erectile dysfunction, though about A FOURTH PART of them feel that responses are not optimal. Comprar Viagra on line

While doing the studies on Viagra, there had been noticed improvement in sexual function; nevertheless, all men in the Viagra studies had problems with ED, whereas studies for the other two drugs were based on patients who had success with Viagra. Drawbacks of Viagra comprise decreased absorption due to food intake. You should take the pill on an empty stomach as half an hour is needed for absorption. The medicine takes about one hour for maximum effect, but loses a half of its maximal concentration every four hours. Sexual stimulation is necessary to achieve erection. Of the three drugs, the maximal concentration for Viagra appears to be the therapeutic concentration. Side effects include dyspepsia, soft headaches, unusual ocular disturbances including a bright sight, a blue-green aura round the vision, facial flushing. Comprar Viagra 50mg
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