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Do you want improve your erectil function?

Do you want improve your erectil function?

Elderly men who have less frequent sex and who are happy with results taking Viagra should certainly keep to Viagra. Some patients who are not contented with results to Cialis can find that Viagra is the best choice for them. Generally, these 3 drugs are good and the men should talk to their doctors about choosing the one that is best for them and their personal life. Three drugs now and some others in various clinical trial stages has not just further enlarged the options of treatment for ed, but also has caused new confusion among physicians and patients. It escorts vacuum therapy and other medications and it's easy to get why patients and possible patients are sceptical.

Starting treatment, medical treatment starts from these drugs. In certain situations in which the males are young, sound, laboratory blood tests or such are normal one should seek the physical reason for their ed before treatment prescription as the process of disease development may be more serious than the symptoms, other factors, the ed itself. In some situations treatment of the primary disease may really resolve the sexual disfunction. Still, ed has other reasons among men as constituted in their health history and laboratory tests, making PDE-5 inhibitors a first alternative line. Selecting the necessary medicine is sometimes extremely unmanageable to do with no proper data on each medicine and a thorough discussion about the patient's sexual life and his spouse. Masculine retarder ejaculation

Let us discuss the pros and cons of each of these three drugs and the intimate conditions showing the purpose of one medicine over another. Viagra was the first and is probably the most famous of the three PDE-5 inhibitors used to cure erectile dysfunction. Many years had passed before getting presented to the Americans. It acts right in more than a half of all men with all types of erectile dysfunction, though about A FOURTH PART of them feel that results are not maximum. Retarder l ejaculation

While doing the studies on Viagra, sexual function seemed to have improved greatly; nevertheless, all male patients in the Studies of Viagra suffered from ED, whereas studies for the other two drugs were based on patients who had had a deal with Viagra. Drawbacks of Viagra comprise reduced absorption because of food intake. Empty stomach is required as absorption takes approximately half an hour. The medicine needs about 1 hour for utmost effect, but loses a half of its maximum concentration every four hours. Erection would appear in condition of sexual stimulation. Of the three drugs, the maximal concentration for Viagra is therapeutic. Side effects include face-reddening, strange ocular problems including a bright sight, a blue-green aureole round the vision, mild headaches, indigestion. Comment retarder ejaculation precoce
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